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Space planning
Only the storage capacity, actually required, is ascertained from consumer analyses and the spaces are planned with a view to hygiene and ergonomics. The smooth transition between function, logistics and office organisation is also optimised.

Layout and design
We plan the fittings based on logistical standards. Materials and designs are specially tailored to your establishment.

Planning the course of events
We take over the construction and coordinate all the technical and time-related events, working together too with your technical experts, planners and specialist engineers.
Even where there are special requirements for the furnishings (protection against radiation, fire, etc.) Our specialists find suitable solutions, without forgetting the principle of optimum logistics planning.

Complete solutions
On request we deliver not only the logistics and furnishings but also see to the seating, sun protection and other accessories.

Service provision
Through our nationwide network of specialist and partner firms we are able to deliver in the fastest possible time and minimise any delays.

Delivery time
Standard furniture deliverable directly from the warehouse. Projects by arrangement.